VNTC - Vinyl Nylon Tray Cable

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vtnc-tray-cable.jpgVinyl Nylon Tray Cable (VNTC or THHN/PVC) is the most common type of tray cable due to its toughness, low cost, and suitability in diverse applications inside and outside, wet and dry, in cable trays and conduit, or direct burial. We stock over 130 VNTC options, available by the foot or in bulk. All Made in the USA.

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Constructed of two or more copper conductors insulated with thermoplastic nylon and jacketed with PVC, all VNTC cables are rated to 600V. They are made in a wide variety of sizes and conductor counts, with or without shielding or ground, standard construction or exposed run (ER). VNTC cable conductors can be as small as 22 AWG all the way up to 750 MCM. Conductor counts range from two to 50, and can be arranged in pairs or triads. Conductor types vary, but all are flame-retardant with nylon-coated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation, hence the "vinyl nylon" in the name. These types include Thermoplastic High Heat Nylon (THHN), and Thermoplastic Heat and Water Resistant Nylon (THWN), which both apply to 14 AWG wires and larger. Thermoplastic Fixture Nylon (TFN), and its close variant, Thermoplastic Flexible Fixture Nylon (TFFN) with stranded, and therefore more flexible copper conductors, are both 16 to 18 AWG, the smallest wire sizes.

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