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Welding Cable

Welding Cable
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Welding cable supplies the electrical current for welding machines and is made up of fine copper strands inside a tough insulating jacket, usually synthetic or natural rubber, that is specifically designed to withstand repeated movement over rough surfaces. It retains its color well, even after rough treatment.   The fine copper strands also provide more flexibility than other types of wire.

Choosing The Correct Welding Cables

Choosing the correct welding cable size (diameter) depends on the maximum output amperage of the welder – the more amps produced the bigger the cable needs to be. It’s like a garden hose vs a fire fighting hose – the more water that is required the larger the diameter of the hose needs to be.
To choose the correct size 3 factors need to be considered – the total length of the welding circuit (including the full length of both the electrode and work cables), the welder’s rated electrical output and the welder’s duty cycle (% of a ten-minute period that the welder will operate at a particular output current before exceeding its thermal limit).  If greater flexiblity is required, choose Super VuTron Welding Cable.

Conductor: - Fully annealed stranded bare copper, class K stranding
Jacket - Premium-grade 90°C EPDM, black or red
Voltage 600V
Temperature Range -40°C to 90°C
Color Code
-03 Red
-04 Green
- Secondary voltage resistance welding leads
- Power supply applications not exceeding 600 volts AC
- RoHS compliant

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