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SDN - Small Diameter Neoprene

SDN - Small Diameter Neoprene
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Flexible direct burial tray cable 


Conductor: - Bare, soft annealed copper per ASTM B-3
- 18 to 12 AWG (19 strand)
Insulation: - Each conductor is concentrically insulated with a 15 mil wall of high dielectric flame retardant polymer with 5 mil wall of clear polymide (nylon) jacket extruded over primary insulation and conforming to UL requirements
Cabling: - The applicable number of conductors are cabled together with fillers as necessary with a suitable layer
- A clear mylar tape is helically applied over the core
Overall Jacket: - Gas/vapor-tight heavy duty, flame and oil resistant neoprene (black) per UL-1277 and ICEA S-73-532 part 4
- To be installed in trays, raceways, troughs, channels, ducts, conduit, and by direct burial
- Recommended for wet or dry locations and outdoors in cable trays where a sunlight resistant rating is required
- Designed for control, power, lighting, telemetering, signal, relay traffic control, wherever flexible, small diameter cable is required such as cranes, hoists, and some robotics applications
- Cables can be flexed at -40°C
- OSHA acceptable
- Recognized for use in Class 1 or 2, Division 2 hazardous locations
- UL Type power and control tray cables and Articles 318, 340, 500, and 501 of the NEC
- Cables pass UL 1277 and IEEE 383 (70,000 BTU) flame tests
- Cables are rated 600 volts, 90°C dry and 75°C wet. UL file no. E60749

Color Code:
2  Conductors: Black, Red
3  Conductors: Black, Red, Blue
4  Conductors: Black, Red, Blue, Orange

5  Conductors: Yellow
6  Conductors: Brown
7  Conductors: Red/Black stripe

8  Conductors: Blue/Black stripe
9  Conductors: Orange/Black stripe 
10 Conductors: Yellow/Black stripe

11 Conductors: Brown/Black stripe
12 Conductors: Black/Red stripe
13 Conductors: Blue/Red stripe
14 Conductors: Orange/Red stripe
15 Conductors: Yellow/Red stripe
16 Conductors: Brown/Red stripe
17 Conductors: Black/Blue stripe
18 Conductors: Red/Blue stripe
19 Conductors: Orange/Blue stripe
20 Conductors: Yellow/Blue stripe
21 Conductors: Brown/Blue stripe
25 Conductors: Yellow/Orange stripe
30 Conductors: Orange/Yellow stripe
37 Conductors: Black 

38 Conductors: Red
39 Conductors: Blue
40 Conductors: Orange
41 Conductors: Yellow
42 Conductors: Brown
43 Conductors: Red/BLack stripe
44 Conductors: Blue/Black stripe
45 Conductors: Orange/Black stripe
46 Conductors: Yellow/BLack stripe
47 Conductors: Brown/Black stripe
48 Conductors: Black/Red stripe
49 Conductors: Blue/Red stripe
50 Conductors: Orange/Red stripe

51 Conductors: Yellow/Red stripe
52 Conductors: Brown/Red stripe
53 Conductors: Black/Blue stripe
54 Conductors: Red/Blue stripe
55 Conductors: Orange/Blue stripe
56 Conductors: Yellow/Blue stripe
57 Conductors: Brown/Blue stripe
58 Conductors: Black/Orange stripe
59 Conductors: Red/Orange stripe
60 Conductors: Blue/Orange stripe


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