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Bus Drop

Bus Drop
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Bus Drop Cable is used in indoor or outdoor applications for connection of stationary or portable equipment.  Used in Wet or Dry Locations.  It is resistant to Oils, Lubricants, Acids, Alkalies, Ozone, Water and Abrasion. There is one uninsulated ground per interstice. 

Conductor: - Bare stranded copper
Insulation: - Color coded polyvinyl chloride - PVC
Fillers: - Suitable fillers are used to make the cable round
Ground Wires: - Stranded, placed in spaces between individual conductors
Color Code Chart:
Cond. Num. Color Cond. Num. Color
1 Black 2 White
3 Red 4 Blue

- Gray PVC

- NEC 364-8, as branch wiring from busways 
- UL Listed
- OSHA Acceptable
- RoHSCompliant
Temperature Rating
-20°C to 75°C(14-8 awg), 60°C (6-2 awg)
- Connection of stationary equipment 
- PVC jacket offers excellent resistance to grease, lubricants, oils and other fluids which are used with various types of machinery



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