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Belden RS-485

Belden RS-485
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Increase flexibility and performance by connecting your EIA-485 network using Belden cables. With flame and smoke protection performance, CMP listing and the ability to control and monitor multiple devices, Belden's EIA-485 cables are the choice for a wide range of computer and automation systems.

EIA-485 Product Specifications

EIA-485, formally RS-485, is a standard that was designed to meet customer requirements for longer cable lengths, increased throughput and the need to control multiple devices.

DescriptionOptions/Part Number
1 Pair: 9841
1 Pair Plenum: 82841
1 Pair Plenum High Temp: 9842
2 Pair: 82842
2 Pair Plenum: 9843
3 Pair: 9844
1 Pair High Flex: 7200A
1 Pair High Flex: 7201A
2 Pair High Flex: 7202A
3 Pair High Flex: 7203A
4 Pair High Flex: 7206A
1 Pair PLTC: 3105A
1.5 Pair PLTC: 3106A
2 Pair PLTC: 3107A
3 Pair PLTC: 3108A
4 Pair PLTC: 3109A
1 Pair LSZH: 3105Z
1 Pair LSZH: 3105T
Armoring Options: Continuous or interlock
Jacket Options: PVC, CPE, TPE, HDPE, Oil Res II, LSZH
Conductors: Solid or stranded

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