Duckt-Strip® Mini-Split Cable Connector Pack

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Includes one set of Duckt-Strip® connectors-- one for the outdoor connection and one for indoor. Fits both 14 AWG and 16 AWG cables. View full description


This connector pack includes one connector set for a complete installation-- one for the outdoor connection and one for the indoor connection. Each connector is compatible with both 14 AWG and 16 AWG Duckt-Strip® cables.


Duckt-Strip® Mini-Split Cable is a patented, 600V-rated Type UF-B (Underground Feeder Cable) designed for use in the installation of ductless mini-split air conditioning systems. Duckt-Strip® meets all standards & compliances for a ductless mini-split installation and is UL approved for in-the-wall and through-the-wall use.

It is used to connect the mini-split outdoor condensing unit to the indoor unit with power and control in one cable.

The easiest and safest way to strip mini-split wire. No blade required!

Duckt-Strip® is the only mini-split cable with patented Rip-N-Strip technology. Grooves between each cable make for easier separation and jacket removal.


  • UL Standard 2988
    • Universal Hybrid Power and Signal Cable
    • UL Designation YEFX for Best Cabling Practices
    • NEC reference "units in this cable are jacketed cables described in Chapter 3 or Article 400"
  • UL Standard 493 
    • Underground Feeder UF-8
    • UL Designation YDUX for Best Cabling Practices
    • NEC Reference Article 340 and 340-10, single or multi-conductor cable
  • ASTM-B3 and ASTM-B8
  • Federal Specification A-A-59544
  • US Government "Buy American" compliance provisions of ARRA 2009; Section 1605

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