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What is a Thermocouple?

Before we get to thermocouple wire, let's talk about what, exactly a thermocouple is. A thermocouple is a sensor, made of 2 different types of conductive metal wires welded together at one end, used to measure temperature in a wide range of commercial and domestic applications and appliances with thermostats, such as stoves, furnaces, toasters and other similar appliances. When a temperature change hits the welded join between the two different types of metals a volt of energy is generated, which is then used to calculate the temperature.

Thermocouple Wire And Extension Wire

Thermocouple wires are usually housed in a protective color coded sheath to shield them from surrounding atmospheric conditions, which also reduces corrosion. The cable that does the sensing is referred to as Thermocouple Grade Wire whilst Thermocouple Extension Cable is used to take the thermocouple signal back to the reading instrument and has a lower ambient temperature limit. Thermocouple wire can be used as extension wire, but extension grade wire is NOT suitable for use in the sensing part of the thermocouple.

If you have any questions about our array of thermocouple wire, we encourage you to contact us today.

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JX - Black jacket, White and Red conductors, 2 to 24 pair

KX - Yellow jacket, Yellow/Red conductors, 2 to 24 pair

TX - Blue jacket, Blue/Red conductors

EX - Purple jacket, Purple/Red conductors

J - 510 C Single Pair Glass

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