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Industrial/Building wire

High Quality MTW, Building, and Hook-up Wire

What is hook-up wire?

Electrical and electronic devices contain many, many internal connections. The low current, low voltage connections are invariably made of hook-up wire, which is a small or medium gauge insulated wire, either solid or stranded, and generally tin-plated so that it can be soldered.

Hook-up Wire Uses

You’ll find hook-up wire in equipment like computers, electronic office equipment and machines, meters, control panels and various other appliances. The type of hook-up wire used in any application depends on the rated voltage, conductors and insulation of the product. Rated voltage in particular is important, as this will affect the type and thickness of the insulation on the hook-up wire that is used. Although most hook-up wire is used in low voltage applications, there are applications that use higher voltage and these require wire with a thicker thermoplastic insulation.

What is MTW

Commonly called MTW which stands for Machine Tool Wire. It's a specific type of hook-up wire that is characterized by its stranded and flexible properties. MTW is primarily used for wiring indoor appliances, such as air-conditioning units, refrigeration units, and the like.

If you have any questions about our selection of building wire, hook-up wire, or MTW, please feel free to contact us today.

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