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Hi Temp (125C-538C)

Top Quality High Temperature Wire

Pro Wire and Cable proudly presents a fine selection of high temperature wire for a variety of different applications. While our collection is certainly varied, what they all have in common is their ability to perform in temperatures that exceed 150°C. For example, our Silicone Rubber Motor Lead (SRML) is perfect for wiring all types of lighting fixtures and other high wattage units, sun lamps, therapeutic devices, etc. Consider our Teflon Glass Teflon (TGGT wire) for heating and cooking equipment, as well as steel mills, kilns and other high temperature wire situation.

For any questions regarding our collection of high temperature wire—or any other products—don't hesitate to contact us today.

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FEP Type K, Type KK

PTFE, Teflon Type E, Type EE

Silicone Rubber Motor Lead

SIS Switchboard

EPDM Rubber UL 3374/3340

TGGT UL Listed 5256/5251

MG Mica Glass


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