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Flexible and Portable Cord

Flexible Cord and Portable Cord

For all of your portable and flexible cord needs, trust Pro Wire and Cable. The size of our selection is only surpassed by our great pricing and customer service.

Let's face it, you could find yourself in any number of situations where you'll need some kind of flexible cord. For instance, submersible pump cable, festoon cable, SOOW, and Super Vu Tron, are all important, but their applications can vary greatly.

Remember, however, you need to know your applications. While flexible cord is perfect for many different situations, it is not a suitable replacement for situations where a permanent wiring method is required.

For questions regarding our selection of portable and flexible cord—or any other products—feel free to contact us today.

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SOOW 600 Volt

SJOOW 300 Volt

SEOOW / STOOW White/Yellow


SOOW Shielded Portable Cord


Super Vu-Tron Welding

Welding Cable

DLO - Diesel Locomotive

Bus Drop

SDN - Small Diameter Neoprene

Jumper Cable - 5KV to 15KV

Festoon Cable

GTO - 15kV - Gas Tube Only

Submersible Pump Cable - 75C - 600V

Type W

Type G and G-GC

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